Vanzini vineyards, talent and passion

Tasting Vanzini D.O.C. wines means rediscovering the culture and pleasures of the great winemaking traditions of the Oltrepò Pavese region.

What is Oltrepò Pavese? It is the most southerly point of the region of Lombardy, in the Province of Pavia, lying south of the river Po.
It is roughly triangular in shape, like a kind of compact grape bunch attached to a cane, represented by the great river.

The base part of this “bunch” is flat land and therefore considered to be unsuitable for vine growing, as is the top part because it is excessively mountainous.

All of the remaining central part is the undisputed ‘hilly kingdom’, with sometimes gentle but often steep slopes, that is Oltrepò’s winemaking area: a land where man has grown vines and made wine since the dawn of time.

The 13,500 hectares of vineyards make Oltrepò Pavese Italy’s third largest appellation. In this infinite sea of vineyards there are several different varieties but the unquestioned prince is Pinot Noir: with a surface area of about 3,000 hectares, it is the largest area in Italy dedicated to this variety.

When it comes to making the most typical wines of Lombardy, the Vanzini family have few rivals in Oltrepò Pavese. Since1890 the Vanzini family vineyards have produced high-quality wines. In particular, pressure tanks for refermentation hold no secrets for them and, year after year, their Bonarda, Sangue di Giuda and Charmat-method sparklers are among the best in the area. The quality of the Pinot noir, Pinot grigio, Croatina (Bonarda) and Moscato grapes from this area of San Damiano al Colle is considered to be of a very high standard..